“Train the Trainers” event regarding the GUIDOR bioresorbable matrix barrier in GBR 08/09/2017

Ten participants from seven countries joined the "Train the Trainers" workshop on September 2, 2017 in Milan.

The training has been organized with Studio Fratelli Siervo (www.siervo.it) and also been performed in this clinic. Dr. Sandro Siervo lectured about the use of membranes in GBR and GTR, the influence of these products to tissue formation, the patient selection and indication matrix and showed numerous cases backed up with relevant evidence (scientific proof).

This was followed by a Hands On workshop, a study group discussion and has been supported by presentations of educational and training material (Technical and Indication Guides, Indication Sheets, Post-OP instructions, etc.).

Every participant received the presentations via a USB-Stick and a binder with intensive information including a print of the presentation (summary) by Dr. Siervo.

This group met for the first time and most people did not know each other, nevertheless it has been a highly dynamic environment with intensive knowledge exchange. The day was organized to be presentations with a dialogue orientation which has been well accepted by the Dentists with a high level of interaction.

This is the starting point of launching the matrix barrier and we are now looking forward to the next national activities in Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, Lebanon and Ukraine/ Russia.

The feedback received via the post-event questionnaire showed that the structure of the training, the arguments/ features/ benefits presented and the relevance of this training for future knowledge transfer has been ranked with a “1” or “2” (school note system: 1 = very good/ 6 = insufficiently).