Sunstar at the EAO Congress 2017 18/10/2017

Madrid, SPAIN : Sunstar had the opportunity to participate to the EAO-SEPES Congress from October 5th to October 7th 2017, whose theme was « 25 years of implant dentistry : What have we learned ? ».

The EAO congress this year was a new collaboration between EAO (The European Association for Osseointegration), SEPES (The Spanish Society of Prosthodontic and Aesthetic Dentistry) and SEPA (the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration) and reunited more than 4000 people.

For this occasion, Sunstar set up again a booth to welcome the international dentists, speakers and students who passed by to know more about GUIDOR, Sunstar’s professional brand of products that ranges from clinical management to surgical correction.

Indeed, GUIDOR allows clinicians to optimise treatment with an advanced set of biomaterials for bone and tissue regeneration (matrix barrier, easy-graft, calc-i-oss) that offer the synthetic advantage for safe treatments, as well as optimised wound stability, combined with easy handling. It is also a diagnostic solution (perio-implant diagnostic test) to optimise clinical planning pre-and post-treatment to yield successful and predictable outcomes and includes a local antibiotic (periocline) as adjunctive treatment to mechanical debridement in periodontitis cases.



The booth also nicely showed the synergy with Sunstar’s other brand : GUM, the expert in oral hygiene that completes the surgical act of the clinicians with pre and post- surgical care protocols for their patients.


With its GUIDOR and GUM brands, Sunstar adopts a comprehensive approach motivated by a long-term view of periodontal health care management. It aims to support clinicians in their efforts to help patients keep their teeth and implants for life.


Sunstar: one company, one expert, one partner.



Before using any of the products, clinicians are advised to carefully read the instructions. For more information and country availability, please visit


GUIDOR bioresorbable matrix barrier - CE 0197 Medical Device Class III

GUIDOR easy-graft and calc-i-oss - CE 0297 Medical Device Class III 

GUIDOR perio-implant diagnostic test - CE in vitro diagnostic Medical Device

GUIDOR, easy-graft and calc-i-oss are registered trademarks of Sunstar Suisse S.A. in the US and in other countries.