Sunstar highlights benefits of guided tissue regeneration in GUIDOR symposium 05/02/2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands: A special session held by Sunstar at EuroPerio9 on guided tissue regeneration (GTR) highlighted the company’s commitment to education in periodontics.

The GUIDOR symposium, led by Drs Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio Tonetti of the Florence Task Force, employed a variety of presentations and 3-D videos on clinical cases to demonstrate how GTR can be used alongside various treatment modalities.

The Florence Task Force is a group of highly respected clinicians who have been working for the past two years on the dissemination of periodontics-focused education. Consisting of around 15 international clinicians, the group saw a need for guidance on when and how treatment of intra-bony defects through GTR may be appropriate in cases of periodontitis and aggressive periodontitis. So far, their efforts have resulted in educational presentations on regenerative surgical treatments throughout Europe and in a clinical tool for decision-making in regenerative surgery. Consensus postoperative protocols have also been developed by the group and spread alongside the GTR treatments.

The GUIDOR symposium at EuroPerio9 was conducted in front of a full house, with attendees eager to witness presentations regarding the use of the clinical tool SAC (Simple, Advanced, Complex) for decision-making in regenerative surgery involving GUIDOR, a bioresorbable matrix barrier. The first presenter, Dr Jose Gonzales, highlighted how this clinical protocol can be applied to maximise the likelihood of success of regenerative surgery for treating intra-bony defects. Gonzales outlined how GUIDOR allows for a minimally invasive approach to these defects and emphasised the importance of an accurate and consistently applied postoperative protocol for GTR.

The next presenters, Drs Anton Friedmann and Sofia Aroca, demonstrated how GTR and SAC could be used for regenerative surgery in furcations and gingival recessions, respectively.

Between each speaker’s presentation, Cortellini provided narration for a series of 3-D videos showing clinical cases that were treated utilising GUIDOR.

By Dental Tribune International
June 21, 2018