Sunstar at the 3rd Symposium on soft tissue management around teeth and implants 02/03/2020

The third edition of the International Symposium on soft tissue management around teeth and implants organized by Dr M. De Sanctis was held in Florence, Italy from 07 to 08 February 2020.

Revolving around the management of periodontal and peri-implant soft tissues, it gathered around 800 participants and visitors from 61 different countries and guided them through a fascinating field where science, aesthetics and health meet.

The reliability and use of soft tissue surgery have been demonstrated and amplified as a result of new studies on the behaviour of soft tissues and their properties. The recent studies have in fact concluded that soft tissues do play an important role in the maintenance of peri-implant health. Various lectures were given by prominent practitioners on this topic.

Sunstar seized the opportunity of having a stand at the International Symposium to welcome visitors and present its 2 brands, GUM and GUIDOR, which offer solutions for a comprehensive approach of oral health, from oral hygiene care to surgical regenerative treatments, in order to support clinicians in their efforts to help patients keep their teeth,  implants and soft tissues healthy.


For more details about the 3rd International Symposium, please visit this website.