Sunstar GUIDOR Webinar with Dr TROEDHAN – 08 July 2020 01/07/2020


Sunstar GUIDOR is pleased to announce that Dr Angelo TROEDHAN will be hosting live webinar on 08 July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET).* 

Dr Toedhan will be the host of the 1st GUIDOR webinar in the series on ridge preservation*. 

His lecture Basics in bone morphology, Physiology and GBR” will cover the following main points:  

- How bone healing/regeneration works and how autologous bone and biomaterials osseointegrate 

- Cases of ridge preservation with and without implants 

- Alveolar ridge reconstruction in one-stage implant procedures. 

Don’t forget the 2 following GUIDOR webinars on ridge preservation:  

- 14th July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET) with Dr Luigi CANULLO 

- 21 July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET) with Dr Christian HOLLAY 

More details to come! 

*We inform you that a presentation of GUIDOR products by a Sunstar person will follow the lecture

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