4th edition of the Karring – Nyman Sunstar GUIDOR Award 21/10/2019

The Karring – Nyman SUNSTAR GUIDOR Award, sponsored by the Sunstar Foundation, was a new award offered for the first time in 2017 through the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Periodontal Research Group.

It is now time for its 2020 4th edition already. 

The Karring – Nyman SUNSTAR GUIDOR Award aims at supporting research within the field of oral tissue regeneration and each year, a prize of 10,000 Euros is awarded to a doctoral student or post-doctoral scientist to pursue research within this field.

Registration for the 4th edition of the Karring – Nyman Sunstar GUIDOR Award is now open and the deadline has been set for 31 December 2019.

The award will be presented during the annual business meeting of the PRG, held during the General Session & Exhibition of the IADR.

For more information about the award and to submit an abstract, please visit: http://www.iadr.org/IADR/Awards/Scientific-Group-Awards/PERIO/Guidor

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