• Porosity

    Osteoconductive bone grafts must stabilize the site, support a clot and provide space for new bone formation. GUIDOR calc-i-oss granules are openly microporous with pore sizes in the 1 μm to 10 μm range. Highly porous calcium phosphate materials provide increased osteoconductivity and bone formation in comparison with materials without micropores as an open micropore system allows for optimal fluid circulation (1, 2, 3,).


    Unlike traditional particulates which are presented in a gritty and brittle form, GUIDOR calc-i-oss is manufactured as stable granules. Granules are easy to handle and allow for a variety of application options such as:

    • Mixing with blood
    • Mixing with blood preparation (e.g. PRP)
    • Mixing with autogenous bone


    1. Habibovic P., Sees T. M., van den Doel M. A., van Blitterswijk C. A. and de Groot K.: Osteoinduction by biomaterials – physicochemical and structural influences J Biomed Mater Res A ( 2006 ) 77( 4 ): 747-62.

    2. Hing K. A., Annaz B., Saeed S., Revell P. A. and Buckland T.: Microporosity enhances bioactivity of synthetic bone graft substitutes J Mater Sci Mater Med (2005) 16(5): 467-75

    3. Habibovic P1, Yuan H, van der Valk CM, Meijer G, van Blitterswijk CA, de Groot K.: 3D microenvironment as essential element for osteoinduction by biomaterials. Biomaterials. 2005 Jun;26(17): 3565-75.

  • 100% Resorption – More Space for New Bone

    Space for regeneration

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC consists of a phase-pure ß-TCP 100% alloplastic material with no elements of animal or human origin. Macropores provide space for vascularization and bone regeneration. The open micropores of GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC allow for optimal fluid circulation.

    Replaced by Bone

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is biocompatible and osteoconductive. Material resorption and bone regeneration proceed in parallel. GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC is fully resorbed within 5 to 15 months. In clinical practice, resorption of phase-pure ß-TCP is observed after shorter healing periods. No foreign material remains in the body.

    Histological Analysis

    Human histology, 8 months after sinus floor augmentation with GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC. The disintegrating material (grainy appearance) is surrounded (in purple) by newly formed bone (1).




    1. Image courtesy Dr. Jaroslaw Pospiech, Poznan, Poland and Dr. Heiner Nagursky, University of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany.

  • Partial Resorption and Long-Term Volume Preservation

    Space for regeneration

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL consists of a biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) compound formed in the ratio 60% Hydroxyapatite and 40% phase-pure ß-TCP. The material is 100% alloplastic with no elements of animal or human origin. Macropores provide space for vascularization and bone regeneration. Open micropores of GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL allow for optimal fluid circulation.

    Replaced into Bone

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL is biocompatible and osteoconductive. As the phase-pure ß-TCP resorbs, it is replaced by new bone which embeds itself within the remaining hydroxyapatite component creating a stable scaffold, for long-term volume preservation.

    Histological Analysis

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL granules (brown) embedded into newly formed bone (blue) and discernible within the granule. (Ground section) 8mm defect 2 months after placement n the sheep model (1).



    1. Image courtesy Dr. Antonio Flichy, Valencia, Spain and Dr. Heiner Nagursky, University of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany.

  • Resorption formats

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC
    (fully resorbable)

    GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL
    (partially resorbable)

    Product GUIDOR calc-i-oss CLASSIC
    Material Phase-pure ß-tricalcium phosphate (> 99 %)
    Units 3 x 0.5 ml 3 x 1.0 ml 3 x 2.0 ml
    Granule size 315 – 500 µm 500 – 1000 µm 1000 – 1600 µm
    IFU Download IFU (EU)
    Product GUIDOR calc-i-oss CRYSTAL
    Material Biphasic calcium phosphate (60 % hydroxyapatite / 40 % ß-TCP)
    Units 3 x 1.0 ml 3 x 2.5 ml
    Granule size 450 – 1000 µm
    IFU Download IFU (EU)
    Note: please refer to local IFU for further indications, precautions and possible adverse effects.

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